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A Farm Management Solution That No Farmer Should Be Without

If social media can tell us anything; it’s that Australia and Ag Worldwide has had an unprecedented start to 2022. From “rain bombs” and flooding in Southern Qld and right across NSW to those still suffering drought in Central Qld and Victoria. The devastation of war in the Ukraine and other influences causing skyrocketing fuel, fertiliser and chemical costs have impacted farmers worldwide.

Many are asking; how long can we absorb these inflated costs? Is it worth growing a crop? How do we recruit and retain good staff? All very valid questions, and now more than any time in history farmers need a thorough understanding of the costs and scaling capabilities of their farming business. That’s where FarmSimple can help.

FarmSimple is a whole farm management solution specialising in broadacre cropping, irrigation and mixed livestock. It is designed and developed in Australia with the development team located in rural NSW and WA. Engineered to perform in remote areas where phone and data service can be marginal at best. We can help you collect the data to drive your business decisions.


The FarmSimple Development Team has ploughed into 2022 with more drive and determination following the exciting releases of the last six months. On average we have released a major iOS (Apple) update every month; these are followed shortly after by Android and Web Console updates to keep all user platforms up to date.

Let’s take a look at what’s new:

  • V6.0.0 – August 2021 – Livestock grazing

  • V6.1.0 – October 2021 – Irrigation, water storage, water inventory

  • V6.1.3 – November 2021 – Added NGR numbers to contracts and transport ticket disclaimer to grain delivery pdf’s

  • V6.2.0 – December – Vet products, vet treatment activity

  • V6.3.0 – January 2022 – Paddock mapping, overview of jobs and crop rotations for each paddock, see paddock view of spray jobs, planting, harvest (completed, in progress & scheduled)

  • V6.4.0 – February 2022 –Timesheet overhaul ready to integrate with accounting software

  • V6.5.0 – March 2022 – Grain console reporting update, limit user visibility of financial and inventory items if not required, add payment details to contracts and outgoing tickets (visible only to users with contract permissions)

  • V6.5.1 – April 2022 – Multiple NGR numbers can be assigned to grain silo chart, Timesheet pdf available as both summary (shift times and hours) and detailed (shift times, hours, breaks and tasks completed)

And if that’s not enough to make your business run more smoothly we are not done yet!

What’s Next:

  • RCTI management – track your RCTI’s against outgoing grain deliveries

  • Payment Terms Alert – set your payment terms and get a reminder that a payment is due (eg. 30 days EOW of delivery)

  • Goanna Ag Weather Station Integration

New Business

In January this year we welcomed Mark Simpson to the team as New Business Manager. Mark has a wealth of Ag and business knowledge. From machinery and equipment sales to agri business analysis and management, his passion for the future of agriculture aligns perfectly with FarmSimple.

Mark can be contacted on 0491 764 080. Call Mark for a demo or to arrange a 30 day free trial.

FarmSimple Usage Metrics

  • 855 unique users (+94% Since Dec 2020)

  • 501 farms covering 733,703ha (+65%)

  • 2,621 pieces of equipment serviced (+73%)

  • 9,797 spray logs recorded (+202%)

  • 19,279 grain movements logged (+180%)

  • 1,093 planting records (+20.1%)

  • 892 Maintenance jobs on paddocks (+49.1%)

  • 6,624 rain records logged (since release Jun 2020)

  • 214 Irrigation logs (since release Oct 2021)

  • 75 Grazing movements (since release Aug 2021)

  • 33 Vet treatment logs (since release Dec 2021)

The overwhelming growth over the past year, especially the use of spray records and grain management tells us we are on the right track. If you are going to collect farm data, make sure you can use it to benefit your business!

We wish you all the very best for planting / seeding 2022!

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