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Final Update for 2021 & What will 2022 Bring?

Here's one for the Mixed Cropping / Livestock Farmers

While FarmSimple started out as a broadacre cropping farm management solution we soon picked up from our Farmer's that a simple livestock record system was needed.

Now if you have livestock in your farm mix, the FarmSimple team have listened and developed this module for you.

In August this year we released Livestock Grazing. This feature appears in "Activities" on the Standard & Enterprise subscriptions.

Grazing allows you to:

~ record your livestock movements

~ record yard work

~ record trouble makers & fence jumpers!

Now Veterinaries have been added, enabling you to keep MLA / LPA compliant records.

What's Next?

Maps will go live in early 2022

The introduction of maps is exciting!

This visual link to paddocks and their activities will benefit all employees from new staff navigating the farm to supervisors looking for an overview with drill down.

~ Colour code for crop type

~ Set brown for fallow paddocks

~ Name or number paddocks

~ Drill down to paddock activities


Matt and Lance, our development powerhouse, have released more than 18 updates this year. Apple and Android are now fully operational and the desktop web console and grain console have been a blessing during this long drawn out harvest.

The team will take a well earned break from Christmas to New Year. We will still be available for support calls / emails as we know harvest doesn't stop for holidays!

We hope to hit the road in 2022. We'd love to drop by and catch up if we are in your area. Stay safe and enjoy some downtime if you can.

Cheers & Merry Christmas

Matt, Lee & The FarmSimple Team


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