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April 2020

Welcome to our first monthly update; we want to share the exciting things that are happening with the CroppaCo team and FarmSimple app with you. CroppaCo has had a cracking start to the year with a few wins and it has been such a relief to see that the clouds have finally remembered how to deliver some rain!

The CroppaCo team jetted down to Melbourne in February to attend the end of the Farmers2Founders bootcamp program with 8 other teams of Agricultural innovators. We attended talks on the future of Agriculture, had a stand at evokeAG and Lee pitched FarmSimple to a room full of potential investors. We came home from this experience full of inspiration, energy and direction to channel into FarmSimple.

March saw us secure an MVP grant from Jobs NSW, which is a great boost to get us into our next stage of development. The list of features to put into the app is ever growing, and we are so excited to continue development and bring these to you in the future.

Last week we released our latest iOS and Android apps. The iOS update is our biggest yet. Along with various improvements and tweaks we've added:

  • Fertiliser as a new farm asset

  • Fuel, Chemical and Fertiliser inventories to track usage and current stock levels

  • Planting, Spreading and Paddock Maintenance activities

This month we'll start on three big improvements to our offerings - bringing Android into line with iOS, adding purchase orders to iOS and planning an API interface for benchmarking.

We have seen a steady increase in subscribers as word gets out about us. We can assure you that we do a happy dance as each new client decides to free themselves from paperwork. FarmSimple currently has 165 unique users with 671 pieces of equipment on 207 farms covering 135,065 hectares. 1,265 spray logs have been recorded and 1,494 grain movements logged. We are excited to see you all using our product to help keep the management of your farming operation (Farm)Simple. Please leave a review for FarmSimple in the AppStore and tell everyone about us!

Until next time,

The FarmSimple Team

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