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May 2020

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

With planting underway in our region we've seen plenty of interest in our recently released V5 of the product. Farmers are keen to record their planting data; 

  • seed and fertiliser amounts

  • equipment used

  • paddocks and hectares along with 

  • weather conditions.  

Building a full planting picture for benchmarking or business analysis. Our free version has also been a hit, gaining 40-50 signups a week since launch. We hope this FarmSimple taster will see some conversions to a paid plan in the coming months.

Feedback from our clients is important to us, and has lead to the Rain Recording feature being brought forward; it is now in Beta testing, to be released mid May. A splash of rain and the promise of a good year mean farmers want to record every drop. We get it!

Usage Metrics

  • 200 unique users (+21% on last month)

  • 671 pieces of equipment (+9.5%)

  • 221 farms covering 161,460 hectares (+19.5%)

  • 1,525 spray logs recorded (+20.5%)

  • 1,622 grain movements logged (+8.5%)

  • Welcomed our first paying subscriber from the US!

If you would like a demo we can setup a ZOOM Meeting so get in touch.

The FarmSimple Team

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