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Recently featured in evokeAg news

The home-grown tool, FarmSimple, designed by software engineers and broadacre farmers in NSW’s Croppa Creek, is empowering producers with full visibility of their data cycle. “We can drive out of the paddock finishing harvest and already have 95% of this benchmarking process done,” said FarmSimple Co-Founder, Lee Coleman.

Ask an outsider to describe the ag industry. They’ll likely generate an image of a bloke in an Akubra with sunburnt forearms and a faded work shirt. He will be leaning against a paddock gate; there’ll be endless skies in the background. Ask a farmer to do the same and the image changes; they’ll describe a complex business with a multitude of moving parts. Ask FarmSimple co-founder Lee Coleman to describe his work and he’ll show you something revolutionary.

Use the link to read the whole article.

Our thanks to author Donné Restom

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