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The Latest on FarmSimple & Future Plans

In the last 18 months FarmSimple has grown from a small scale hobby project for Matt & Lee to a stand-alone company; proudly owned, operated and developed in regional Australia.

We pride ourselves on creating a product written from an operator’s perspective. Matt, Chief Design Officer, has 5 years farm-hand / operator experience along with a hunger for improvement and a great dislike for paperwork!. Lee, our CEO, has a Mechanical Engineering background in manufacturing and believes that good data drives great business decisions! These ideals have created a user-friendly farm management system that supports operators, administration, supervisors and management alike with a simple to use front end, and a powerful analytical, compliance and reporting database at its core. This provides a concise decision making tool for management, enabling improved overall farm performance.

Android & iPhone - choose a device

Access to all the features and full app functionality is available on iPhone, iPad, Android Smart Devices and via the FarmSimple Web Console. Your team can have a mix of phone types and all work seamlessly together in your business platform.

Livestock Grazing

For mixed farming operations livestock transparency is an important part of their business.

Grazing has now been added to FarmSimple. This feature captures livestock movements.

Coming soon Veterinary for MLA / LPA declarations.

The Web Console

This is where the true power of your data comes to life.

  • End of Financial Year Reports

  • Inventories

  • Grain - movements, blending grain loads and contract management

  • Admin - payroll, commodity vendor declarations, safety records, contracting records, heavy vehicle maintenance reports

  • Custom Reports

  • Advisor Access - Allow your accountant / benchmark data collector access to speed up the analysis and decision making process

What's Next? We are NOT finished yet!

We are currently developing an Irrigation Module covering how much water was used to grow your crop, capturing meter readings and reservoir levels.

We are on a mission to join the paddock up to the back office. Later this year our Xero integration will be released. The true value of good paddock records will be delivered to your business once you can get real time cost of production, enabling benchmarking and in sights to help you achieve the best opportunities for your business.

Would you like to take a look at FarmSimple? Why not grab a 30 day trial of the standard subscription for free. Contact us via our website -

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